These days...

Do you usually book your hotel room through an online booking platform?
Did you know that, on average, these platforms charge a commission of 15% to 25%?

Why Pop in Hotel?

Don’t change a thing, and pay up to 20% less for the room of your choice listed on any booking platform.

Stick to your habits

Don’t change a thing, keep searching for hotels on your usual booking platform (Booking, Expedia,…)

No more excessive commissions

Pop in Hotel charges a lower commission, sharing the benefits with the client and the hotelier

Always pay less

Pop in Hotel always offers lower prices than those listed on your usual booking platform

The room of your choice

Pop in Hotel guarantees that you will get the room you have chosen on your platform

Pop in Hotel shares the commissions with the hotelier and the client, for fairer and lower pricing.


How does Pop in Hotel work?

1. Use Google Chrome as your browser. To install Google Chrome, click here

2. Install Pop in Hotel in your browser.

3. Use your usual booking platform

4. Select the hotel and room of your choice

5. A Pop in Hotel window will open, offering a lower price

6. Click on the Pop in Hotel “Book” button and enter your details

7. We will take care of the rest, and will contact the hotel directly

8. Pop in Hotel and your hotel will confirm your reservation by email within 24hrs

9. And you’re good to go! Pop in Hotel wishes you a great stay!

Download Pop in Hotel

They use Pop in Hotel !

Harold M.

"I saved €30 on a weekend in Paris! Thank you!!"

Michel B.

"Easy to use, I love the little Pop!"

Mam I.

"It’s free and easy, and lets me save money as well. What could be better? Lol"

We our users !

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